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Articles and Case Studies

  DP Operations Aug 18.pdf - An experinced DPO operator shares his persepective on DP operations. By David Bray 

  DP Systems - Explore DP Systems and Human Error by NOPSEMA

  Senior DPO's Column - September 2016 - A senior DPO shares his experience working on a variety of DP vessels. By Evgeny Rubeko

  Case Study - Pioneering Spirit - July 2016 - Hear from the NI's Belgium Branch about working on board the Pioneering Spirit, the world's largest construction vessel. By Laura Nicholls

  Feature: Targetless Sensors for DP - June 2016 - Learn about how environmental referencing sensors can help reduce interdependence failures. By Dave Sanderson

  Captain's Column: Adventures in DP - May 2015 - An experienced Master shares his expearince learning DP. By Dr Capt Paul Butusina 

  Case Study - Dynamic Positioning on FPV - January 2015 - Hear from one of the members of the Belgium Branch about his work on the fallpipe vessel Simon Stevin. By W Justers and W Vervloesem

  Captain's Column: DPO Masterclass - February 2011 - A Master's opinion on the differeing requirements for DPOs on different types of DP vessels. By Capt Mike Le Pree

  Operation Planning and Watchkeeping - June 2008 - Read an excerpt from the DP Operator's Handbook on operational planning. By Capt David Bray

  How do they do that? Deep Water Pipelines - April 2008 - Read about one officer's experience Pipe Lay vessel Deep Blue. By DJ Goodwin