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Water Ingress

January 2018 - The UK P&I Club publicises lessons learned as cargo is damaged due to bilge system back flow. The report can be read HERE 

October 2016 -The Skuld P&I Club has issued an advisory where al cargo of fertilizer in one of the holds was completely wetted by sea water due to a combination of human error and technical problems with a non-return valve

IMO has issued two circulars from the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) on the subject of flooding of bulk carriers. They are MSC/Circ. 995 – concerned with forward flooding, issued in 2001, and MSC/Circ.1143 – referring to early assessment of damage on bulk carriers and appropriate action to take, issued in January 2004. Circ. 995 was reproduced in UK as MGN 210(M). Both circulars are aimed primarily at masters of bulk carriers and deserve careful attention.

Additionally, BIMCO has published specific guidance on what to do in the event of activation of the Water Ingress Detection or Monitoring system (WIDS).

The Swedish Club published "Wet Damage to Cargo" in 2013 in response to an increased number of costly wet damage claims. This publication focuses on some specific areas - leaking manhole covers, the cargo bilge system and cargo hatch covers.

In October 2012 West of England P&I Club published a Safety Alert on cargo damage from water ingress