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Seaways Articles

Articles and Branch reports in Seaways featuring dangers of liquefaction can be downloaded below.

  Modified Proctor & Fagerberg Test (April 2017) - Article by Capt Ruchin C Dayal AFNI

  The IMSBC Code 2013 (August 2015) - Article by Capt Ruchin C Dayal, CEO, eDOT Solutions, Goa

  SMM Conference report (Nov 2014)

  NW England and Wales Branch meeting (July 2014)

  Hong Kong SAR Branch Meeting (June 2014)

  The deadliest cargo (Dec 2013) - Article by John Poulsen, Principal Surveyor, Atlantic Marine Associates

  Bulk Cargo - know the risks (July 2013) - When bulk cargoes shift, liquefy, catch fire or explode as a consequence of poor loading procedures, the consequences can be massive

  The legal aspect (Jan 2013) - What are the rights and the duties of the Master – and the owner – when carrying a cargo where there is a risk of liquefaction? Article by Martyn Haines MNI, Master Mariner James Addison Associate Clyde & Co LLP

  London Branch Meeting (Jan 2013)