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P&I Club Guidance

October 2016 - Loading Grain cargo in the Pacific North West. The UK P&I Club has issued advice to owners and charterers planning on loading grain cargoes in the Pacific North West. Due to the number of days of rain in the region, loading grain cargoes can be a real test of patience for owners and charterers. Download the bulletin HERE 

There are many considerations to be taken into account when shipping sensitive bulk cargoes, such as cereals or oilseeds. Each different commodity has different physiological characteristics that make the duty of care slightly different in each case. While a grain cargo may be within contractual specifications, parts of the stow may be biological unstable and understanding these grain cargoes and how they may behave during the voyage may assist in preventing cargo damage which may arise during the journey. The SKULD Loss Prevention document “Carriage of Bulk Grain Cargoes” gives advice accordingly.

North P&I Club published Loss Prevention Guidance on Carriage of Grain Cargoes in November 2015. 

The market for products such as organic speciality breads and craft beers has grown over the last few years, resulting in an increase in the amount of the raw material, bulk organic grain, being shipped across Europe and the USA. The SKULD Loss Prevention Bulletin “Carriage of Organic Bulk Grain Cargoes” gives guidance on this.