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Fumigation Issues

Accidents and injuries have occurred during and after discharge of fumigated cargo, sometimes caused by a failure to follow written advice provided by fumigation contractors. The UK P&I Club has issued a Loss Prevention Bulletin - "Disposal of Aluminium Phosphide residues following fumigation of cargoes in transit"  to provide some background information, explain why these accidents occur and summarises the correct procedures for the disposal of the residues.

Skuld P&I Club issued a Loss Prevention bulletin in November 2015 on the risks of explosion through the use of gas pellets (Aluminum Phosphide). The information can be accessed HERE

Guidance and recommendations on fumigation on board ships is contained in IMO MSC Circ.1264 and MSC Circ.1396 Recommendations on the on the safe use of pesticides in ships is contained in IMO MSC.1/Circ.1358