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December 2016 MGN 324 Amendement 1 Watchkeeping Safety – Use of VHF Radio and AIS. Appropriate use of the Automatic Identification System (AIS), especially with regard to collision avoidance, has been highlighted in conformance with the IMO guidelines which have been revised in December 2015.

November 2016 IMO Circular SN.1/Circ.244/Rev.1 GUIDANCE ON THE USE OF THE UN/LOCODE IN THE DESTINATION FIELD IN AIS MESSAGES has been issued. Evidence shows that mariners are using different names for the same location when entering destination data in their AIS units. This situation leads to confusion and inefficiency in data interchange. It is recommended to use the existing destination field for entering both the port of departure and the next port of call (space for 20 characters of 6 bit ASCII is available), using the UN/LOCODE. Download the circular HERE

December 2015  IMO Guidelines have been developed to promote the safe and effective use of shipborne Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), in particular to inform the mariner about the operational use, limits and potential uses of AIS. Consequently, AIS should be operated taking into account these Guidelines. Download the Guidelines  HERE

May 2014 - SN.1/Circ.243/Rev.1 IMO Amended Guidelines for the presentation of navigational-related symbols, terms and abbreviations includes AIS Target symbols in Table 3

July 2006 MGN 465  Navigation - Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) - Annual Testing.provides guidance on the United Kingdom implementation of the requirements of IMO document, MSC.1/Circ.1252, GUIDELINES ON ANNUAL TESTING OF THE AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM (AIS).