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Partners in the Maritime Enterprise: The Royal Navy and the UK Society of Maritime Industries Conference

26 - 27 April 2017
Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth


A national conference, organised by the Society of Maritime Industries (SMI), will take place on 26-27 April 2017 and will look at the maritime world today and the partnership of the UK maritime industries with the Royal Navy in support for the UK maritime enterprise through shipbuilding, repair, training, equipment procurement and the supply chain.

Speakers from the highest echelons of the industry and the Royal Navy will promote debate on these topics and discuss the critical issues. The two day event will be held at the world renowned Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth.

The themes to be discussed and debated are: The Maritime World Today, Supporting the UK Maritime Enterprise and RN Shipbuilding, Repair, Support and Supply Chain.

The full speaker programme and a booking form can be found here.