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The annual subscription rate for Seaways is dependent on the number of copies ordered.

Number of copies ordered / Subscription rate (effective 1st Jan 2019)

Band 0: 1-4 copies £115 per copy per annum

Band 1: 5-9 copies £110 per copy per annum

Band 2: 10-29 copies £100 per copy per annum

Band 3: 30-49 copies £90 per copy per annum

Band 4: 50-99 copies £85 per copy per annum

Band 5: 100 copies or more £80 per copy per annum

(All prices are inclusive of postage & packaging.)

  Application for Seaways subscription

For further information please contact our Membership Team:
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7928 1351


Armillary pin badge

Price: £5.00

Ladies Brooch

Price: £25.00


Price: £20.00

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