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Advertising in Seaways, the International monthly journal of The Nautical Institute, is available in a variety of colour options and sizes. For details please see the Rate Card.

Seaways is sent to in excess of 7840 members and corporate/individual subscribers worldwide. In addition, copies are distributed at seminars, conferences and exhibition, worldwide, throughout the year. Readership is estimated to be 20,000. Seaways readers:

  • Are in the forefront of selecting and implementing new technology. They have to stay ahead in this fast-moving sector.
  • Need to keep abreast of new products developments, keep vessels safe and efficient and meet latest requirements.
  • Have a significant influence on the safety culture: they need to know about new safety products and services.
  • Are maritime professionals, committed to education, training and continuing professional development. They need to keep up to date.

Including Seaways on your advertising schedule provides your company with a unique opportunity to influence senior staff who have a purchasing responsibility.

Seaways is also a cost-effective vehicle for advertising recruitment, education and training provision and professional services.

  2018 Seaways rate card


For advertising enquiries please contact...

John Payten
Abbey House
Clarendon Rd,
Surrey RH1 1QZ

Telephone: 01737 852136 


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