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Numerical Weather Prediction

All the More Information links given in Numerical Weather Prediction: A Practical Guide for Mariners can be accessed from this list:

Page 26 EMC

Page 27 NOGAPS

Page 27 ECMWF

Page 28 surfacepressure

Page 28 metoffice

Page 28 CMC

Page 28 DWD

Page 29 JMA

Page 29 meteofrance

Page 31 WAM

Page 31 WW3

Page 32 FNMOC

Page 37 WMO

Page 38 weatheronline

Page 39 Forecast-Listing

Page 39 Express-Weather

Page 51 zygrib

Page 51 meteo-marine

Page 55 renci

Page 55 nws

Page 69 MailaSail