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Command Diploma Scheme

Have you just taken command – or are about to? If so, the Institute’s flagship distance-learning programme, the Command Diploma Scheme, provides you with the perfect next-step in your professional development.

Designed to help you prepare for the responsibilities and realities of command at sea, the Scheme comprises a well thought-out programme of self-directed learning, with practical assignments plus a final essay and interview. At its core are the subjects that existing and aspiring Masters have identified as areas of concern – onboard leadership and management, navigation and shiphandling, ship’s commercial business and coping with emergencies.

You will benefit from having your work assessed by experienced mariners, all of whom are senior members of The Nautical Institute.

Award of The Nautical Institute Command Diploma offers you a way to build your confidence and to distinguish yourself from your colleagues. In today’s highly competitive and challenging work environment there is a significant advantage to having independent verification of your readiness to serve successfully as Master.

Contact us now at to express your initial interest and to find out more about how you can benefit from studying for The Nautical Institute Command Diploma.

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