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International Sail Endorsement Scheme

The Nautical Institute has long recognised that tall ship sailors require specialist skills and knowledge to operate their vessels safely and efficiently. It was this reason that the Institute established a square rig sailing scheme more than 20 years ago

In autumn 2012, the Institute sought to review the square rig certificate scheme to bring it into line with modern codes and practice and make it more accessible to those in the sector who may not serve full time or hold an STCW certificate of competency. Joining the Institute in this review was Sail Training International (STI) who share a similar passion for raising professional standards and promoting best practice in the sail training community and beyond.

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Together The Nautical Institute and STI have developed a new 'International Sail Endorsement Scheme' (ISES) that enables both square rig and fore-and-aft sailors to complete practical tasks and acquire new knowledge before being assessed and endorsed. A fast track route to endorsement is also provided for more 'experienced' sailors. Further details of the new scheme and information candidates need to get started is provided in the attachments on this page.

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