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Rethinking Safety

Rethinking Safety

The big picture
In a series of strategic sessions aimed at business leaders and forward-thinking executives, Nippin Anand PhD FNI addresses some of the most persistent myths about safety. Going well beyond the idea of ‘compliance’ (following predetermined plans, procedures and rules), these sessions explore new ways of engaging with core safety concepts to benefit your people and your business.

Workshop concepts

  • Rethinking safety management
  • Critical data analysis techniques
  • Advanced strategies for improving investigation analysis
  • Exploring new frameworks for investigations
  • Advanced concepts in human factors

The key features
The workshop aims to introduce advanced concepts in human factors in a simple and accessible manner with the aim of enhancing accident analysis. At the end of this workshop, participants will be equipped with the knowledge to understand and think beyond human error. This highly interactive course takes place over two days. Through interactive presentations, real-life cases, and intensive thinking sessions, participants learn from the course facilitator and from each other.

“Nippin’s session reinforced a new approach that my team had embarked on; that of looking at what the company could have done to help prevent situations arising, rather than the more traditional system-based error detection doctrine. A powerful, thought-provoking session and one that we intend to follow up with Nippin in the future."
Scott Baker, Head of Marine Standards Europe Svitzer



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Date: 5-6 June 2019
London, United Kingdom
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