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Recognition Scheme

In applying the principles of quality assurance to the provision of maritime education and training, The Nautical Institute has established a recognition scheme through which maritime products and services may be formally evaluated and recognised for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Training product and service providers are invited to submit an application for recognition with supporting evidence using the application form that may be downloaded from this page.

Recognition is defined by The Nautical Institute as the process of evaluating  and endorsing a maritime training product or service which aligns with the constitutional aim of The Nautical Institute of raising professional standards and supporting professional development.

Normally products and services recognised by The Nautical Institute are those which have been considered to meet the following criteria:

  • Availability and accessibility to an international maritime audience
  • Evidence of consultation with industry stakeholders on product or service content
  • Evidence of regular review
  • Not subject to government regulation and audit

Normally recognition is valid for a period of not more than one year. 

The benefits of recognition to providers of maritime training products and services are among the following:

  • Join a group of world-class training providers, recognised by The Nautical Institute.
  • No ‘application’ fee. The Nautical Institute only charges once compliance has been established and not for unsuccessful applications.
  • Successful recognition without a site visit.
  • See your company logo and course advertised on both the and Alexis Platform.
  • Using the CPD logo on your website and promotional material.
  • Recognition certificate for display.
  • 30% discount on books from The Nautical Institute’s range of best practice publications
  • 10% discount on the IMO best sellers when bought from The Nautical Institute.

 To see full a list of recognised CPD providers please click here

 To apply to have your product/ service recognised please click here.

Navigation Assessments Services

Constanta Maritime University

  • Marine Surveying Course
  • High Voltage Safety and Maintenance Course

EMCS International Ltd

  • Ship Superintendent Training Course

The Gdynia Maritime School

  • Basic Theory and Applied Stability Course for Ballast Control Operators
  • Stability Practical Training Course for Ballast Control Operators
  • Stability Practical Training Course for Ballast Control Operators – Refresher
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training
  • Free Fall Lifeboat Training with use of FFB Simulator

Glasgow Maritime Academy LLP

  • ISM Lead Auditors Course
  • Port Skills/Barge Master Training
  • Safety Training for Ships using LNG as a Fuel
  • Tanker Vetting & Ship Shore Interface
  • Thorough Examination of Portable Lifting Equipment & Accessories
  • Assessment, Examination and Certification of Seafarers’ Training (ASECT) – Model Course 3.12 (Abridged)

The International Jack-Up Barge Operators' Association (IJUBOA)

  • The IJUBOA Barge Master Course for Jack-Up Operations Levels 1-4

International Maritime & Offshore Safety Training Institute (IMOSTI)

  • Offshore Ship Handling Course with Anchor Handling and Towing
  • Offshore Winch Training
  • Ship Simulator Course

Kongsberg Maritime AS

  • Art of Instruction

Kongsberg Maritime do Brasil Ltda

  • Position Reference Systems Operator Course Brazil (Course A)
  • DP Operator Refresher Course
  • DPO Refresher Course for Drilling

Korea Maritime and Ocean University

  • Dynamic Positioning Appreciation Course
  • Dynamic Positioning FMEA Course

Lerus Group, Ukraine

    Dynamic Positioning Operator (DPO) on board training - Denar 2 (DP1/Survey & ROV Support Vessel)

M4S Maritime

  • DPA Training Course
  • Company Security Officer Course

Maersk Training Brazil

  • Shiphandling for Offshore Vessels - Training Course
  • Anchor Handling Simulation Advanced - Training Course
  • Anchor Handling Simulation - Training Course

Marine Offshore Consultancy

  • Rig Move & Jacking Operations MasterClass

Marine Society

  • Maths@Sea
  • Maths@Sea+
  • Writing@Sea
  • English@Sea

Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy

  • Ice Navigation Course

Ocean Rig Management Inc.

  • DP Lessons Learned
  • Power Management Lessons Learned

QMS Maritime Training Centre, K.C. Lyrintzis Group

  • Maritime Cyber Security Management E-Learning Course


  • Manufacturer Approved ECDIS Type-Specific Online Training (Available for 14 different ECDIS manufacturers).

Seaway Maritime Services

  • Comprehensive Stability Refresher Course for BCO

SMIT Salvage BV

  • Managing Marine Emergencies Course


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