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Survey & examination of lifting appliances

When lifting appliances fail, the consequences can be significant. For both personnel and the general public, there is a risk of serious injury, and even death. In turn, legal claims can arise, and this can result in great financial cost.

This course was created to enhance the quality of the surveying and examination of lifting appliances and therefore improve their safety in a bid to reduce injuries and deaths caused by lifting operations. 

Target audience: Surveyors, and anyone involved in examining or maintaining lifting appliances

Regulations addressed:

  • Merchant Shipping Regulations, Flag State requirements, International Labour Organisation (ILO) Convention 152, where it applies, Ship-mounted life-saving appliances come under: SOLAS 1974
  • IMO LSA Code, IMO MSC Circulars, Individual flag state requirements. 
  • Offshore and land-based appliances come under national regulations, for example:
  • Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations, or LOLER, American Petroleum Institute, or API
  • Canadian Petroleum Board Regulations, European Commission Directives

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