Vessel Resource Management

A ship’s Master and crew have a duty to navigate safely and efficiently at all times. Their actions determine the outcome of the voyage, the safety of those onboard and the protection of the external marine environment. 

The course concentrates on four areas of competence, knowledge, understanding and proficiency, seeking to develop best practice through a technique called situational awareness, which has now been adopted by the STCW code as a key measure.

This training course will demonstrate the theory and use of situational awareness in a range of environments, revealing how it enhances the individual’s ability to perceive and interpret information, in order to improve anticipation. It does this through a series of case studies and workbook exercises, whereby students learn how to apply their own situational awareness skills, and meet daily challenges and opportunities. 

Modules cover topics such as workload management, communication and teamwork. 

Target audience: all officers below the rank of Chief Officer who wish to improve their vessel resource management skills, but it is also of value for shore-based personnel. Users will be one of the following:

  • Bridge and engine room officers
  • Shipping company managers 
  • VTS operators 
  • Pilots 

Regulations addressed: STCW Section A-VIII/2

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