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Command Seminars 2017

The Command Seminar 2017 series is organised in cooperation with the Institute’s international branch network and other supporting professional bodies. Each seminar will be a significant occasion with an international attendance of members and other industry professionals debating the theme Navigation Accidents and their Causes.
Under this generic title there will be the opportunity to address a variety of topics including: preparing for command, Navigational Assessments, mentoring, Human Performance and Limitations (HPL), ECDIS, ice navigation, near miss reporting. Seminars are being held in five locations around the world to ensure a diverse input with an international consensus on the recommendations for safety and best practice. 
The conclusions reached at the seminars will be published in Seaways, the Institute’s monthly journal, used to focus the work of the Institute and be put forward to the International Maritime Organization through the consultative status of The Nautical Institute where appropriate.

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