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Dynamic Positioning

Important notice for DPOs: new online certification platform

DPOs can now access a new IT platform that is easier to use and caters for the additional requirements of the DP scheme.

To make an online DP application or revalidate your DP certificate or to login to your DPO account please visit the NI Alexis Platform at:  


Further information about our Dynamic Positioning scheme

The Nautical Institute DP Operator training scheme is the industry-recognised learning route to becoming a qualified Dynamic Positioning Operator (DPO). It is a not-for-profit scheme administered by The Nautical Institute - a Registered Charity (No.1002462).

The Nautical Institute has managed the scheme since its inception in the mid 1980’s and, in conjunction with the industry, has developed the certification criteria. It administers the certification of DPO’s together with the accreditation of the training providers.

In order to ensure that the scheme continues to meet current industry needs, the Dynamic Positioning Training Executive Group (DPTEG) was established to facilitate communication and input from a broad range of stakeholders.

The group is a pan Industry forum of training providers, trade organisations and professional associations who have a remit or interest in DP training.

The remit of DPTEG is to review and develop the Nautical Institute DP Operator training scheme and to evaluate its effectiveness in providing the DP industry with competent DP Operators. It seeks to make decisions and to implement actions to improve the Nautical Institute DP training scheme, including certification criteria, DPO competency and training support.

DPTEG comprises two groupings – member organisations and observers.

Member organisations are:-

  • The Nautical Institute
  • Accredited DP training providers

Observers include, but are not restricted to:

For a full list of Institute accredited training centres, please visit the NI Alexis Platform.

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